Ulrike Kache (Mitte)

I am a fashion stylist for women fashion and kids wear with a love for set decoration and props. I live with my family in Hamburg.

My professional background started with an apprenticeship as a visual merchandiser at the famous “Ludwig Beck am Rathauseck” in Munich. Upon completion of the program I was hired as a Display and Prop Stylist in the Ludwig Beck Fashion department. One year later I decided to focus my attention purely on fashion and moved onto a position at German Marie Claire as a Fashion Assistant.

From 1998 onwards, I worked as a full-time fashion editor for various magazines including Freundin, Brigitte and Brigitte Young Miss (later known as BYM). In 2006 my career as a freelance fashion editor and stylist began.

Today I use my ability to combine multidisciplinary skills, knowledge and experience and share it with others. Thereby I have never lost the curiosity of learning something new and still do. My function is characterized by being clearly and well structured. I keep a close eye on details and have an unerring eye for the big picture at the same time, what makes me a sedate partner on set. My brand awareness, empathy and sense of direction blends in with an unbroken hunger on new ideas and trends.

I am regularly commissioned to style and create for magazines and have undertaken various fashion catalogues and campaigns. I am very happy to work with many long-term business-colleagues. Various clients, art directors and photographers rely on my work.